The word “legacy” should apply to DNA, in its complexities and power of transference. It should apply to great leaders—their words of wisdom and future impact down the line. And it should apply to pedigree.

But the word “legacy” should not apply to technology utilized for investing and ensuring transparency.

The world has changed. And while consumer technology pioneers greater user experiences and smarter back-ends—the financial industry lurches forward, shackled by the hunt for alpha in a world where speed is a must and operations are their own asset class.

We developed our technology, unencumbered by legacy code, and free from the unnecessary complications of disparate systems—to give the asset management community a better way of staying competitive;  the modern tools you need to hit the next water mark. Client-developed and born in the cloud, our solutions are the answer to the growing challenges in the asset management industry—because, our solutions grow ahead of the industry.

Real-Time.  All the Time.  Everywhere.