LiquidMobileSM: Real-Time.  All The Time.  Everywhere

In the evolution of hedge fund technology, progress has always meant more freedom. The freedom to pilot new strategies, and take action in and against the markets. But today’s fund reality is a crowded one that on average, walks 1,000 funds in and out of business per year. As a fund manager you need smarter and faster ways to identify and capture alpha, while operating seamlessly cross-investor, cross-office, and cross-ocean.

"LiquidMobile provides our team with modern, real-time analytics and dashboards to proactively manage our investments and client relationships, whether in the office or remotely."  
~Pablo Garcia, Founding Partner, Goldwater LP


By creating LiquidMobile together with our clients, we optimized access to our award-winning portfolio and risk analytics tools on any device, including:

  • View real-time P&L and risk, to see the impact your latest transactions have on the portfolio
  • Rapidly stress test potential scenarios to answer detailed investor-related questions, such as 'What affect does the price-drop in oil have on my investments?'
  • Access our library of performance and risk metrics to create custom dashboards and reports to meet specific mandates
  • Verify your official books and records with NAV-light calculations
Liquid Mobile
Liquid Mobile
Simplify front office processes through a single vendor-partner, from creating orders in LiquidTrade to actively managing performance and risk through LiquidMobile while away from the office.


Market-Tested Analytics, For More Informed Discussions & Decisions

Real-time risk management is client management.  Having the capability to analyze and report—accurately, in real-time and from any device—could mean the difference between receding allocations and reaching the next high-water mark.  Incorporating performance, P&L, market and liquidity risks, and shadow NAV in a single operating system—whether organized by strategy, sector, or industry—means smarter adjustments with faster, more informed analysis through:


Accurate portfolio and risk analysis are the backbone of everything you do to demonstrate credibility. The people, processes and data driving the analysis need to be great. With Liquid powering your middle-office, it is. Rather than using traditional in-house methods to prepare the front-office for investing, Liquid provides the people, processes and technology you need to stay up, running and in control of your investments so you can concentrate on delivering superior returns.




data repository; corporate actions; reconciliation services



low latency connectivity to trading venues and counterparties



business continuity, disaster recovery, enhancements without client disruption



accessible through the web and optimized for mobile devices



LiquidMobile was designed for fluidity, making it easy to navigate through performance, market and liquidity risks, and NAV-light analysis with one hand, with the ability to peer deeper into the data when necessary. We also thought about how you interact with your mobile device every day and designed the interface to make the most important information about your business, comfortably within reach.  The result is an experience that's more intuitive, and driven by the most up to date transactions and events.


The word “legacy” should apply to DNA, in its complexities and power of transference. It should apply to great leaders—their words of wisdom and future impact down the line. And it should apply to pedigree. But the word “legacy” should not apply to technology utilized for investing and ensuring transparency.

We developed our hedge fund operating system, unencumbered by legacy code, and free from the unnecessary complications of disparate systems to give the alternative asset management community a better way of staying competitive — the modern front-office tools and workflows you need to hit the next water mark backed by co-sourced middle-office services so you can concentrate on investing. Client-developed and born in the cloud, our solutions are the answer to the growing challenges in the asset management industry—because, our solutions grow ahead of the industry.