Prime Brokers & Multi-Manager Platforms

A sub-millisecond compliance engine.

Real-time post-trade portfolio and risk analytics and reporting.

Individual and aggregate views across different SMAs and sub-managers.

LiquidFIRMSM is the way forward for your firm to manage pre-trade compliance, monitor post-trade risks at the aggregate level, and even at the manager, strategy, or position levels – all in real-time, simultaneously, and continuously. Your risk oversight team can quickly drill-in and understand if a sub-manager’s trading activity lines up with its risk-mitigation and investment story.

Modern OEMS to hunt alpha in a compliant manner

ConvergEx Prime Services Offers Real-Time Investment Management Platform to Clients

ConvergEx Prime now provides the Liquid platform to its broad portfolio of prime brokerage clients including hedge funds, family offices, mutual funds, and registered advisors.  understand why.

Liquid Holdings Joins FIS Group Ecosystem of Service Providers

FIS Group offers the Liquid platform to emerging managers looking to institutionalize their business and meet transparency demands.  Learn why.