The speed of a trade is important. But the speed to update your technology for the most advanced cross-office capabilities and workflows is everything. Liquid gives your business the continuity for real-time decision making and monitoring—with the thrust to evolve and stay competitive.  Backed by true cloud technology, the Liquid platform, LiquidFIRMSM, and LiquidMobile all run on a single software environment customized for your business –  with a unified database, single version of software and a single data custodian.

True cloud means a single source for the data and activity that your firm requires, within the framework of a multi-tenant architecture. So, when new requirements come to light—whether they’re marketplace, regulator, or investor driven —one update is pervasive across your functionality, but partitioned to keep portfolio and client data secure.

It’s a new standard designed to keep funds ahead of the status quo—smarter business supported by smarter infrastructures—transforming operational spend into operational alpha.


Solid data management is the keystone to client relationships for funds. Both allocators and investors expect that their data is housed responsibly—away from their peers, because their peers are often their competitors. Liquid’s technology is built on responsible data management that separates and partitions client data in a secure, cloud environment. There is no data migration from account to account. There are no shared numbers.

Multi-tenant architecture provides a flat standardization process for software updates and changes—to keep funds competitive without rip-and-replace hardware or undue demands on staff. Liquid gives your fund faster updates across the board, more permissioning tools, and continuous data for fluid workflows from trade inception through to reconciliation and risk management.

Smarter with true cloud, multi-tenancy

Faster with true cloud, multi-tenancy

Cheaper with true cloud, multi-tenancy


You’re not chained to your desk and your trades shouldn’t be either. Detach, unplug, and get in front of the clients who expect more from you. With Liquid’s true cloud technology managers can access the same data, book of record, and positions cross-office, cross-ocean, and even cross-court to foster better client management by creating real-time reports and analysis on the spot.

Your allocators and investors expect institutional-grade, quality, and compliant recording wherever you are in the world. In lieu of taking your desk with you—we created LiquidMobileSM, portfolio and investor management in real-time, all the time, and everywhere.