Emerging Hedge Fund

Today’s fight to stay competitive is harder than ever before.  Investors continue to view emergents as the risky bet – overshadowing a segment that continues to outperform the billion and above club. 

But emergents have crowded a marketplace where infrastructure costs far exceed fee structures due to legacy approaches.  It's a marketplace that, on average, opens and closes its doors to a thousand funds each year. Rifts have emerged - business credibility and a decrease in the runway needed to demonstrate methodology to consultants and investors have become the norm. 

Avoid the costs and headaches of handling non-core functions and processes due to poorly integrated workflows and data discrepancies. Transition operations and time-spent-away from investing to a co-sourcing expert.

Get ahead with a single platform to manage and maintain investments, coupled with customizable real-time performance and risk so your internal teams can grow assets and solidify client relationships. 

$90M Fund Selects Cloud Platform & Services

A $90 million fund manager needed to upgrade its infrastructure to eliminate time-intensive processes that resulted from data discrepancies across disparate systems, and non-real-time views of performance and risk.  Learn why.

Unique Boutiques: Smaller Funds Demand Bespoke Tech

Where technology was once an afterthought, ignore it now at your own peril.   HEAR FROM YOUR PEERS.