Start-Up Hedge Fund

Whether you’ve been planning a move, tested the waters, or were simply Volcker’d out – you’ll need to institutionalize and prove runway before you launch.

And the new fund reality  equates to as many funds failing as launching.  Having and showcasing competitive, accurate, and compliant capabilities are key – in order to attract the allocations and investors that will build your business.

Institutionalize before day one.

Assure yourself the runway to perform. 

Attract the right capital.

Stay within mandates.

Unique Boutiques: Smaller Funds Demand Bespoke Tech

Where technology was once an afterthought, ignore it now at your own peril.   Hear from your peers.

Mada Group Selects Cloud Tech and Services to Manage its Investments and Operations

The Mada Group selected the Liquid platform to streamline its front-office investment workflow and co-source its middle-office operations.  Find out why.